How is condominium ownership different from owning or renting a home? 

Simply put, condominium ownership means owning a share of a property, and property decisions are made not by a single owner but within the shared environment. In a condominium association, the Bylaws, legal documents and policies define how the association is to be operated. An elected Board of Directors is responsible to maintain common areas and govern the community in accordance with all legal documents. The Board acts in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of owners, who are automatically members of the association. Residents and owners can read the Bylaws and other documents for the Montebello Condominium Unit Owners Association (MCUOA) by logging in and going to the Governance tab.


Are there other rules besides the Bylaws?

Like most associations, MCUOA has Rules and Regulations and other resolutions as provided for in the Bylaws and adopted by the Board of Directors. Rules are established for common courtesies and practices with regard to parking, vehicles, pets, noise, leasing, maintenance, etc. Other rules cover changes to the units, such as major renovations, window replacement, and the like. The Association also develops policies and practices for governance, budgeting, resident involvement through committees, etc.


What are the benefits of living in a condo community like Montebello?

Owners in an association have more time to spend on activities of their choosing, because the association takes over maintenance work of common areas: painting, roofing and landscaping, for example. Shared ownership means economy of scale, which gives us a greater variety of recreational opportunities – as with our one café, two pools, three tennis courts and four bowling lanes. Here at Montebello, another benefit is the warm environment of neighbors who share common interests as well as common ownership. 


Are meetings of the Board open? When and where are they held?

Yes, the meetings are open, as required. (Meetings on contractual, personnel and legal matters are closed according to the law.) Meeting notices are posted online, emailed to those who sign up for emails through the Montebello Mail System, and posted on bulletin boards. Normally the Board meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, in the Community Center. Board materials are available for resident review. 


How can I participate in committees or the Board?

You may volunteer for any committee and become a member of most just by attending meetings. See the Committee List on the Governance tab. You may attend any Board meeting, write to the Board, address the Board in person at the Resident Forum after meetings; owners in good standing may run for the Board.  


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