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Hurricane and Severe Weather Tips


Emergency Notice 


***Hurricane & Severe Weather Safety Tips And Information***


In preparation for hurricanes and severe weather conditions, the following tips and information are provided.  The key to all emergency conditions is being prepared.  Taking time in advance will avoid inconveniences later.


During weather involving severe thunderstorms, torrential rains and high winds, power outages are to be expected.  When power outages occur, the building emergency generators automatically come on-line, providing electrical power ONLY to essential equipment, which includes:


·         Shutting down non-essential systems (pumps, HVAC systems, fans, hot water heaters, etc.) to protect them from electrical surges and low voltage operation

·         Fire detection system in the common areas.  Residents’ in-unit detectors are equipped with battery backup.  (Test your detector routinely).

·         Fire suppression system within the buildings.

·         Cold water pumps to provide water.

·         Partial lighting in hallways, stairwells, garages and exit lights for safety.

·         Limited elevator service (one elevator remains operational).  Others will be recalled to the 1st floor.


During power outages, staff will operate in an Emergency Mode where priorities change.  Efforts are concentrated on:


·         Monitoring emergency generators for proper operation.

·         Checking the one elevator that is operational and that the others have properly been recalled and shut down with no one trapped inside.

·         Checking essential systems for proper operation when power is restored.

·         Maintaining contact with Dominion VA Power to determine estimated duration of the power outage.

·         Maintenance will only respond to in-unit emergencies involving fire, water leaks and threatening/property damaging situations.

·         Safety and Access Control staff efforts will concentrate on visitor processing, monitoring alarms, and responding to emergency situations only.

·         If Shuttle Bus operations are continued, staff will be stationed at rear gate to process any pedestrian traffic and assist the bus driver with opening/closing of the rear gate.

·         The Front Desk will remain staffed BUT the phone system is equipped with only a three (3) hour backup power supply.   If outage exceeds three (3) hours the phone system will become inoperative.



Residents are urged to only contact the Association in a true emergency.  History has shown that during power outages, residents flood the phone lines seeking information – what happened, when will the power be restored and what we are doing about it.  Your concern is understood, but this drains the phone system backup power supply and ties up the phone lines for calls that may involve a true emergency.


Power outages are a major inconvenience to all of us.  Please refrain from taking your frustrations out on staff; they are trying to keep your inconvenience to a minimum while also working under stressful conditions; they also have no control over when power will be restored.


If you are seeking information on power restoration, please contact Dominion VA Power directly.  They’ll know the latest status and are in the best position to explain details.


Balconies: Torrential rains and high winds can cause water to penetrate in your unit, especially onto your balcony.  Towels placed in balcony enclosure tracks are a good measure to help prevent some of the water from entering.  Additional towels and containers should be readily available for clean up.

Safety Tips and Suggestions for lightning and high winds:

·         If there is lighting or high strength winds, move indoors and stay there.  The majority of damage from these types of storms is from flying debris. 

·         Do not stand directly in front of balcony doors or windows, and do not venture into wooded areas.

·         Avoid balcony doors, windows and metal objects.

·         Use the telephone only in an emergency.  Telephone lines conduct electricity.

·         Avoid taking a bath or shower or running water for any purpose.  Water and copper tubing are excellent conductors of electricity.

·         Always keep flashlights, a portable radio, extra batteries and bottled water on hand.


Montebello is a dynamic community and the comfort and safety of our common areas is one of the major aspects of community living that we take very seriously.


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