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Art Exhibits – The Artists in Residence Program is a unique feature of condominium life at Montebello. It was designed and presented to the Board of Directors by a Board member and was approved in July, 2006. The purpose of the program is to foster the cultural benefits of exhibiting professional resident artists, to enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of the Montebello Café, and to have periodic art exhibit openings for the enjoyment of residents and friends.
The program is governed by the Working Group which is composed of three residents: a resident consultant, an artist, and a resident. Initially, the program featured seven professional artists who worked in various media. Upon an artist’s application to exhibit in the Café, they are juried by the Working Group for acceptance to the program. The artists have worked together successfully for the past four years enjoying each other’s fellowship. There have been approximately 450 works of original artwork exhibited thus far. In 2008, it was decided to exhibit the works of resident art photographers as an added benefit for the appreciation of the arts for residents. Currently there are four professional art photographers who also exhibit their work. There are individual and group exhibits every five weeks presenting both the artists and art photographers. Thus far, the exhibits have been enthusiastically attended by residents and friends alike.

Book Club – Evening. The Montebello Evening Book Group meets the third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm in Party Room 1. The discussion usually lasts an hour but sometimes longer if there are many ideas and insights. The book selections are recommended by the members based on a variety of choices. Copies of the books are usually reserved for us at the Fairfax County Public Library. We try to keep a few titles ahead but don’t plan the whole year at a time. Anyone who would like to join the discussion of a particular book is welcome to join for that evening. We currently have fifteen active members.

Book Club – Morning. The Montebello Morning Book Group meets on the fourth Monday of every month (with dates changed to avoid holidays). Meetings are held in the party room of Building 1 from 7:30 a.m. to approximately noon, after which we enjoy lunch together at the Montebello Cafe. Book selections for each year are recommended by members at the October meeting and voted on by secret ballot at the November meeting. The individual who recommended a selected book leads the discussion of that book. She or he prepares background information about the author, reviews of the book, and puts forth questions to encourage each person to participate in the discussion.

Bowling Leagues – The bowling leagues are a long tradition at Montebello, having been in existence from the early 1980s and the source of much enjoyment among residents. Bowling (four lanes) at Montebello is a unique amenity, one that few, if any, condos have. Montebello includes free bowling shoes and balls for use by bowlers, and there is no charge for use of the lanes. The focus of the Leagues is to have fun. Leagues provide an excellent opportunity to socialize with, and meet your neighbors, all while engaging in friendly competition.  Separate Bowling Leagues meet on Monday and Wednesday evening. Leagues start shortly after September 1st and end their first half before Christmas, take a two week break, and then restart after the New Year ending their second half and season in mid April. League bowling is open exclusively to residents of Montebello and is open to both men and women.

Bridge – Duplicate. Duplicate Bridge Game is 7:00pm on Monday evenings in the Community Center. This game is sanctioned by the ACBL and awards Master Points. Enjoy a challenging game and meet other members of the Montebello community. 20 to 30 members participate in the games.

Bridge – Party. Wednesday night is bridge night at Montebello. Starting promptly at 7:00 p.m. and ending before 9:30 p.m., the games are played in the party room in Building 1. Anywhere from two to six tables are used. No need for you to bring a partner. Party bridge is played four rounds of five hands each. Each player antes up $1.00, and prizes are given to the first three or four high scores, depending on the number of tables. Low scorer for the evening gets his/her dollar back.

Bus Club – The Bus Club serves as a social networking venue for both types of riders: commuters and shoppers and the community at large. In addition, the Bus Club encourages community spirit as well as serving as a conduit to promote riders' unique needs and address concerns. The Bus Club provides opportunities to get to know fellow residents in a forum other than the “ten-minute” ride by holding social activities several evenings throughout the year. Both groups of riders are encouraged to get to know each other and other residents at Montebello. All residents are eligible to become members, and there is no membership fee.
The Bus Club also maintains a group email that is used to notify members of disruptions or changes in shuttle bus operations (i.e. bus breakdowns, bad weather, added bus runs when Government releases employees early during holidays, etc.) and Metro delays (through posted alerts by the Metro system).

Canasta Group - Games are generally held on Thursdays at 2:00 pm in the Card Room in the Community Center. New members are always welcome.

Chess Club4th Thursday 7 pm Card Room, CC ALL WELCOME!, Contact: Lisa J. Stedge,,, 703-347-6494. Alternate Point-of-Contact: Nick Nickerson,, 703-329-9164.

Environmental Club -

Kids Club
- The Montebello Kids Club welcomes all children ages 0-12, their siblings, and their parents, grandparents, or guardians. The club organizes a wide range of activities, including potluck meals, crafts, storytelling and theater performances, an annual Easter Egg Hunt, indoor and outdoor pool events, outdoor movies and backyard camping, and an annual holiday concert in collaboration with the Music Club.

Music Club - The Montebello Music Club offers musical entertainment for residents and sponsors outside musical performers in the Community Center.

Naughty Knitters - The Naughty Knitters of Montebello was founded in 1993 when a resident responded to an appeal for hats, mittens and scarves for children who were at poverty level in the Alexandria City Schools. Realizing that one person could accomplish little, she appealed to residents on the Montebello bulletin boards available for communications, and after some time, gathered together about 15 women who enjoyed knitting. And knit they did. Hats, mittens, scarves, and they added baby clothes for infants. Through the years, some of the knitters passed away, some moved and only two remain today of the original group. However, not being daunted by diminishing numbers of knitters, the resident persisted, gathered more knitters and crocheters who continued to click needles and produce remarkable knitwear. The Knitters meet twice a month. To date the Naughty Knitters have produced 7,650 items of clothing! They have donated to many charities, schools, orphanages in foreign countries, children in the Ukraine and Belarus, senior citizens, cancer patients, our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, to mention just some of the projects to which they contribute.
In addition to their donations, they are a partying group. They celebrate with a special luncheon at a good restaurant each time they knit another 500 items. They have birthday luncheons for members, and enjoy wine and cheese parties. They knit and crochet year round, even in the heat of summer.  Gladys Seisler, the resident who founded the Naughty Knitters was elected to be a Living Legend of Alexandria in 2007 due to the many charitable conntributions of this ambitious group. People often ask why they are called the “Naughty” Knitters. That is a mystery known only to the knitters themselves. Anyone who wants to know the answer will have to join the Naughty Knitters.

Pet Club – The Montebello Pet Club is a group of residents committed to ensuring that our community is a pet-friendly place. We strive to be responsible pet-owners and follow the Association’s rules for keeping companion animals. The Pet Club’s official mission is to serve as a central exchange for disseminating pet-related information to its members, and coordinating pet-owners to act on issues that are considered important by a majority of the group.
The Pet Club has no regular meetings or dues. You don’t even need to own a pet to join, and renters are welcome, as well as unit-owners. You are welcome in our group, no matter what kind of animal you own. Although it sometimes may appear that the Club is more focused on dogs than other types of pets, this is not intentional but a reflection of reality. Dog-owners must obey a long list of regulations to avoid issues with their pet being around other dogs. In contrast, owners of other animals don’t face as many rules. Overall, the Club tries to focus in a balanced way on all pets. There are two main activities that the Pet Club participates in each year:
(1) Annual Doggie Swim – Before the outside pool closes for the summer, Montebello’s dogs are invited to swim, splash and play. Even residents who don’t own a dog come to watch the pooches swimming, or just to spend time petting the dogs that prefer to stay at poolside so that their paws won’t get wet.
(2) Independence Day Parade – Montebello’s dogs walk as a well-behaved group in the annual 4th of July Parade, wearing patriotic outfits or bandanas. All the dogs, as well as humans, enjoy ice cream treats and cool water after the parade.

Spanish Club – Practice your Spanish or begin to learn the language every Monday from 10:30-12:00.

Stretchnastics – Montebello’s Stretchnastics class meets year-round every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 10 a.m. in the lower level of the Community Center. There is no charge, and about 70 residents are registered and attend whenever they are able. The class is led by resident volunteers. No equipment or special clothing is needed except a comfortable outfit and sneakers. The Stretchnastics program has been meeting for over 20 years.
Everyone can learn to stretch regardless of age or flexibility. You do not need to be in the best physical condition or have specific athletic skills to participate. The stretching is gentle and conforms to individual differences in muscle tension and flexibility. Almost everyone can learn how to stretch safely and enjoyably.

Tennis Club – The Montebello Tennis Club provides a friendly atmosphere for all Montebello residents who enjoy playing tennis. Our club emphasizes competitive play, skill development, and fun. We welcome players of all skill levels – from beginners to advanced tennis players – to join us for one or more of our club activities which run from early April to November, including:

· Mixed doubles scheduled on Saturday and Sunday mornings
· Singles matches
· Round-robin games on Wednesday evenings
· Group clinics provided by Montebello volunteers
· Tennis social events

We organize all matches so players of similar abilities will play together. So if you have played tennis for years, or if you want to learn in a no-pressure fun environment, please join us.

Travel Information Club – The Montebello Travel Information Club provides an environment for sharing travel information and experiences among Montebello residents. The club normally meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., in a specified party room with dates, topics, and location posted in the calendar, Montebello Times and the bulletin boards. The meetings typically consist of a brief overview of a trip including an electronic presentation by Montebello residents or a presentation on travel-related topics such as travel tips, security, etc. Residents and guests are invited to attend meetings and to provide presentations. The club does not host presentations by travel agencies or other associated commercial travel ventures, nor does it organize group trips. There are no club dues.

WaterAerobics – Montebello’s Water Aerobics 60-minute class is conducted year around, free of charge, by resident volunteer leaders. We use the indoor pool with music accompaniment in the winter months and the outdoor pool in the summer. The class consists of stretching, resistance, strength, mobility, low-impact, fat burning and endurance-building activities. We begin with warm-ups to stretch muscles and increase circulation and progress to toning, flexibility, resistance, and cardio movements at the wall, in open water, and with the barbell floats. Intensity is increased periodically and specific body parts are targeted. The class ends with cool-down and often some fun, group exercises. Many participants also take advantage of the indoor Jacuzzi after the class.
Water aerobics, or water exercise, has been a popular way of keeping fit for years. It is fun, refreshing, and challenging and a great way to burn calories and build muscle without breaking a sweat! Water exercise can renew the energy level as it releases stress and tension, and it benefits participants with arthritis, back, or joint problems as well as people recovering from injury or joint operations. Because of the water’s buoyancy, there is little risk of injury. An added benefit is that participants can do the exercises to the level of intensity that feels right for them and then increase the intensity and mobility to suit their own needs and capabilities.
Overall, Montebello’s Water Aerobics offer residents a great way to work out and enjoy spirited camaraderie. All ages and non-swimmers can safely participate and all are welcome.

Women’s Club - TheWomen's Club has been in existence for almost twenty years. The Club has about 35 members who meet the third Thursday of every month in one of the Party Rooms of Montebello. Every other month a lunch is organized by one of the members, and the ladies go to a restaurant to enjoy themselves with a wonderful meal. From time to time we have guest speakers with interesting topics for the members. New members and visitors are always welcome.

Yoga - Practice Yoga for exercise and stress relief.


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